Movies: The Revenant


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[This will contain SPOILERS]

If you don’t know already, The Revenant is based on the true story of Hugh Glass who was a fur trapper, frontiersman, hunter and explorer. There are parts of the movie that are true to the actual accounts and there are parts that are false. If you are squeamish and faint at the site of blood you shouldn’t watch this movie. Just a little warning, there’s a lot of blood and gore in this movie. The entire movie was done in the winter time and in very harsh conditions. They didn’t want to do a green screen, they wanted it to be more realistic.


The movie was filmed in Canada and apparently the temperatures never went above -30 degrees Celsius which is about -22 degrees Fahrenheit. There was a point even that they couldn’t continue filming because it was too cold. They couldn’t use their cellphones because there was no reception. Production was interrupted occasionally because of fear of bear attacks. DiCaprio was also sick during production and had the flu while there were filming. I’m sure the rest of the production crew got sick as well. Here in the US we aren’t used to such cold conditions, let alone being in freezing water. Clothes that get wet would definitely instantly freeze. It’s no wonder that there were several film crew members left. At some point it got so cold that the had to take a few weeks break before continuing filming.

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DiCaprio definitely did a fantastic job with this movie. I was never a huge fan of him but he did a great job with this role. He really went above and beyond and he deserves to win something for this movie. There were even parts that didn’t require any lines but he still managed to move the audience and pulled us into the scene with just his acting skills. A good actor doesn’t need to speak to be good. I can’t even imagine how much he had to endure in such conditions and I’m not surprised that other actors turned the role down. He even had to bite into a real animal liver even though he is a vegetarian. That’s dedication!


So the parts of the movie that aren’t true….Glass didn’t have a son and the part where he was married to a Native American woman is known as a legend. People assumed that he may have learned his hunting skills from Native Americans but that is just conjecture. Also, the bear attack happened in the summer instead of winter. And since Glass didn’t have a son, he didn’t seek revenge for his death. And at the end where it seemed like he died, he actually died of an attack from a group of Native Americans later on in his life. It was a pretty violent death which lead him to be violently killed and scalped along with his two companions. The journey he went through and the hundreds of miles he traveled might have been a tad bit exaggerated. They say he traveled about 200 miles but it may have been less than that. Also, he was  helped by several friendly Native Americans along the way, not just one.

It’s not surprising why Hollywood wanted to embellish Hugh Glass’ original story. It’s always more fun to tell a tall tale. It’s more entertaining that way I suppose. The theme of revenge is just more popular to most people. I wonder what Hugh Glass would have thought about this movie if he were still alive to see it? This movie was definitely intense and I recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. And for those of you who have seen it, let me know what you think in the comments below!


Newborn Beanie


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I started another project that shouldn’t have taken me that long to make but I had to tweak it just a little. It’s hard when you don’t know the exact size when you’re making a hat. I got this pattern from: repeatcrafterme. I made this a little longer than the pattern suggests. Try to use baby yarns to make this project because baby’s skin is so soft and delicate.


The heart in the middle of the hat is from somewhere else: Crochet Heart. It’s a simple but cute hat for a newborn ^_^ Let me know what you guys think and feel free to share your creations on my facebook page.

Movies: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies


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[There may be SPOILERS!]

Zombies!!! I love a good zombie movie. And zombies in a romantic film…even better!! I wanted to see this movie right when I saw the trailer. So if you haven’t seen Pride and Prejudice, this movie gives you a good idea of what the story is like, just with zombies in it. It follows the natural storyline of Pride and Prejudice. There are things that I would have liked done better in the movie but I still liked it quite a bit.


Being a zombie movie, you would think that there would be more action but there was not as much as I expected. My fiance said that he liked Abraham Lincoln Zombie Slayer better because that one had tons of action and I agree. Abraham Lincoln was more fun to watch and funnier as I recall. I did think that PPZ dragged a little in the middle of the film because there was very little going on in terms of zombie action. If you’re a hard-core zombie fan, you might be disappointed with it. I also would have liked to see more gore. What’s a zombie movie without it? The first scene had Mr. Darcy kill a zombie with a broken piece of glass but we don’t really see what went on. We only see the guy’s head on the floor. On the other hand, I do understand that since it’s a Pride and Prejudice movie, maybe they wanted this movie to have more finesse and not have so much blood and gore.


I love the humor in this movie. The funniest character was their cousin, Parson Collins, who is actually played by Matt Smith (one of the doctors in Dr. Who series). I didn’t even realize that he was The Doctor until I looked up his name on IMDb. He is just completely oblivious to everything around him. There was one scene where there was a fight between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy and all Mr. Collins noticed was that the table they broke was an antique. His character added lightness to the movie which is always refreshing. The change in his character from his original one (serious with no sense of humor) was definitely a plus.


Oh and what’s up with the four horsemen of the apocalypse? This is a common theme in some movies. It was mentioned in Burnt, X-Men Apocalypse and probably a whole slew of other movies. If you guys haven’t heard of them, they’re from the bible. There are four horsemen and they stand for conquest, war, famine and death. They symbolize the end of humanity when God will judge the Earth. When they first showed up in PPZ I thought they were going to be incorporated better into the film. They showed up 3 times and each time was uneventful. At the end, the whole army of zombies were rushing up with the four horsemen to Lady Catherine de Bourgh’s estate. The movie ends after that. I don’t think that there is a second movie to this but I’m hoping there is because I want to see this battle ensue.


Ultimately, I enjoyed the movie and I think you might too. And if you haven’t seen Pride and Prejudice, you should definitely see this one because it is much more entertaining and fast paced than the originals.

Movies: Jem and the Holograms

Ok so before you all judge me, we couldn’t figure out what to watch and so I decided to watch this one. The movie is basically about 2 orphan girls who move in with their aunt and 2 foster sisters. Jerrica, who is later called Jem, records a song on her camera and her sister, without her permission, posts it on YouTube. The video becomes viral and a record studio contacts her to sign her with their studio. It’s a pretty simply story which is actually based on an animated TV series called Jem. When you go to Wiki and read what the TV series is about, it sounds more interesting than the movie. The show was produced by the makers of G.I. Joe and Transformers.


The movie, I think, consisted of two plots. It should have only had one. There was this robot that Jerrica’s dad gave her and throughout the movie she tries to find out what her dad is trying to tell her. In the meantime there is the story of her becoming famous. I guess they could have had 2 plots but the way they did it in this movie, it did not work. It looked as though they were trying to tell two stories at the same time and did it poorly.

Besides that, there were many flaws with the story itself. Jerrica’s dad only left her keepsakes after he died and neglected to leave her little sister anything to remember him by. Halfway through the movie I noticed that her dad just paid attention to her. It’s just odd that their father made is so obvious that Jerrica’s the favorite. Also, there is this one scene where Jerrica has to get her earrings back from the music company and she has to break in to get them. Ok, so I don’t get how they took her earrings and placed it in a safe. They should have just told her to put it in her pocket or something. I don’t understand why they had to put it in their safe. It’s not like it’s some sort of recording device for spies. Having to break in to get them is just way too dramatic. Why not just ask the owner to give them back to you. It’s not that serious. Chill out people.


So, would I recommend this movie? Maybe if you really can’t find something else to watch. It’s a chaotic movie that needs a better writer and a better plot. It’s needs a lot of cleaning up. I would have liked to see more of a development of their singing group and their failures and triumphs as they continued through their journey as rock stars. Also, they rushed their popularity. Her first YouTube video was instantly famous but there was nothing special about it. She looked a little creepy in her video too. And their first concert wasn’t even true to Jerrica’s original sound in her first song. If it was me, I would have been really disappointed.  So yeah, I don’t recommend this movie. Let me know what you guys think of if you’ve seen it.

Movies: The Intern


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This movie is about a 70 year old man, Ben, who wants to get back to work after being retired from being an executive at a phone directory company. He is a widower and has gotten bored with retired life. He applies to a fashion company to become an intern as part of a senior intern program even though he knows nothing about fashion. Jules is his boss and is apparently very difficult to work with. She herself has her own issues with her parents and her married life.


It is interesting that this movie put these two people together: a woman who is at the top of her career and a man who has lived a full life and just doing a job to keep busy. It’s scary how similar this is to real life. People look forward to retirement but when we get there what do we do? Others have hobbies and others volunteer. But there are those who are truly bored with retirement. People get used to doing the same thing everyday and long for a break, but when we actually get that break we look for something else to do. It is human nature, I suppose.

It’s a simple movie with a good story line. There’s not much to say about this film. It was cleanly made and I very much recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it. I don’t want to divulge any spoilers. You just have to see it ^_^ I always look forward to seeing what Anne Hathaway in playing in because she’s one of my favorite actors. I can’t wait for her next movie!


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