Love, Marriage and Happiness

I know I don’t have much experience with marriage (only being married for about 1.5 years) but I do have experience with love and the happiness that eludes some of us. So I found this article on Facebook that Story of This Life had shared. It was an article called, “Marriage Isn’t About Your Happiness” by Debra K Fileta. I had to read this multiple times … Continue reading Love, Marriage and Happiness

Pen Ryn Mansion renovated!

So this past weekend we went to visit the mansion to see where we could put flowers and other decorations for the wedding. We walked in and we didn’t even notice that the place had been renovate until the person we were meeting pointed it out to us. The reception room, however, was noticeable. It just looks so clean and elegant now. We’re so excited … Continue reading Pen Ryn Mansion renovated!