Review: The Magicians

Don’t even get me started about this show. Let’s just say that I won’t be letting Zoey watch it until she’s much older…or maybe not ever. Don’t get me wrong, the show has an interesting concept. I love movies/shows with magic in them. I just don’t appreciate disgusting scenes and overly sexually explicit dialogue and scenes. My husband and I watched the first season and … Continue reading Review: The Magicians

Review: 8-Bit Art Kits

I’ve always been fond of making 8-bit art. They remind me of the old days when it wasn’t called 8-bit art. It was called cross stitching which is a form of 8-bit art. Part of my childhood was spent in Singapore. In elementary school, art class consisted of sewing and cross stitching. When I was older I got into playing video games and created video game/marvel … Continue reading Review: 8-Bit Art Kits